Arnoldo ZACCARIA – Ravenna – Italy

This 1920 side by side is a quality gun.
Among the best English barrels,
very fine adjustment, strong and smooth mechanical, beautiful and solid,
it easily comes to the shoulder

The interior working parts were so well designed, adjusted and refinished that they are still intact after almost 100 years.
There is instead less attenction to the finishing of the internal structural parts, hard to say if it is so out of the reasoning of an handy man or just to reduce the costs of the work. A flaw that does not detract from the overall class of the gun that was, in those years, star in the Italian manufacturing scene outside Romagna.

This side by side was firstly claimed with serial no. 18, but it is realistic to think that until 1929, not existing the test stand, there was no serial and the manufacture year (1920) was enough, the no. 18 is probably related to the barrels bore before the definitive drilling and choking.

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