IDEAL As de pique Manufrance

“Le plus parfait et le plus beau fusil du monde.”

The categorical affirmation goes beyond the publicity needs and reveals the proud esteem that the manufacturer has for the talents of his own creation. When the “pompier” tone is stripped out, the supposed perfection is not a boast. The Ideal, in the highest versions, is a side by side made with very fine workmanship. Of course like others, but not less than others. To talk about beauty is like skating on thin ice, so we will only say that to us it is wonderful.

2 responses

  1. Avatar photo steni says:

    Ciao, c’est une collection privée, rien n’est à vendre, nous aimons parler pour voir comment sont fabriqués de beaux fusils de chasse.

  2. Christian Guibal says:

    Bonjour c’est une collection ou c’est à la vente ?

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