BERETTA Pietro – G.V.T. (BS) S1

BRANDPietro BERETTA Gardone Val Trompia (BS) Italy
MOD.: S1 Caccia
BORE: 12  (0,724 – 0,724)
BARRELS length and weight: 28,35 in – 3,02 lb
1st BARREL CHOKE: modified
2nd BARREL CHOKE: full
CHAMBER: 2,756 in
STOCK LENGTH: 14,17 in (right hand)
WEIGHT: 6,911 lb
NOTES: monobloc barrels, double trigger, no ejectors, grade 3 glossy finished English stock, elegant small edge engraving, swivel type locks.

In 1935 Beretta presented the S1, first model of a series of O/U guns that will have worldwide success.

The gun is well designed, has great barrels and an effective closure; the action’s sides counteract the lumps, which are exchangeable, a cross bolt blocks the shells protruding from the breech end of the upper barrel.

The locks made in 1935, also called swivel locks, have been substituted in 1959 by the “9 pins” version. This improvement was used also on the S2 and the S3.

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