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On the table, a shotgun’ suitcase. Leather, reinforced corners , central plaque with the initials of a former owner, straps and locks are intact . Time and use did not prevailed on the fine custody . It reminds departures in the dark, frantic dogs, sleepless friends , the smell of earth colored by dawn, the hunted suddenly fallin’ … just looking at it.

Inside the cover , the label with the illustrious name of the manufacturer. On the bottom, in the velvet cradles, the shotgun disassembled and the cleaning tools. Two sets of barrels, one of damask , the other of steel. The eye runs from the silver oil container  to the stock’ black veins , from the profile of the hammer to the colors of the action, from the barrels to the oak of the internal structure.

To the passionate the pleasure of reliving known emotions: the right hand takes the stock, the left one takes the barrels, the damask set for its beauty. The union of the parts is smooth and soft . The fore-end wood goes in place with a slight thumb pressure. Then taking it up , admiring, arming the hammers, listening to the locks’ work. Then the engraving, the color of the wood, the quality of the springs, the damask texture, the perfection of the top rib. Then the volumes, profiles , proportions. Then the barrels, the punches ….. Then …..

And this site has born just to talk among enthusiasts……

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We support an open discussion of each weapon published in this site or of your own property.

Private collection, guns on display are not for sale.