Westley Richards Cani esterni

Westley Richards Hammer gun

This side by side is a skillful storyteller. She is talking to us about an elder sister, beautiful and desired, with many qualities and only one flaw: it is loaded from the muzzle. She is also talking about the second daughter, that eats pinfire cartridges and has long-headed hammers. She, the younger, elegantly underlines the family traits and proudly shows the round shapes and the doll’s head, a present by father Westley.
She lies in her wooden cradle and we can disassemble her, with lover’s attention.

Inside it is realized and refinished to the best of human abilities. Without betraying the distinctive traits, it will be improved in the mechanical organization, strengthened, better designed, but the components won’t be better realized because this touchstone has been worked by Giants.

We hope that the pictures make the idea of the real, saving us from the risk of overuse of superlatives.

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