Armi ASTRA Villa Carcina (BS) Italy

20 years ago, Emilio Scaravelli, a well known gunmaker in Brescia, wanted a pair of side by side guns buil in the way he was thinking about. As a great expert he didn’t want a couple of excellent, beautiful and well-made guns, he wanted something special. Twins, obviously, that’s fascinating, but with different subjects engraved by Mario Terzi in the medallions. In this way when you finish to admire the first and look to the other, the wonder is renewed; a hall of mirrors that gives images identical and slightly different at the same time.
Naturally, barrels by Luterotti, wonderful woods, unexceptionable finishing. Shape, balance and swing are as they have to be.

The ASTRA’ master gunsmiths know very well the way a fine side by side has to be done. With this they committed themselves a lot.

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