You’ve gone to the next page , it means that you are interested to the site, we share a particular passion and in my opinion it is a noble one too.

Probably, if you do not have an updated computer and a good connection, you will find the site a bit slow but this is due to the high resolution photos that are deliberately published in order to go into the details of the guns shown.

At the page “under the skin”, on your request and for everyone pleasure, all the important shotgun parts will be shown, to be aware of craft and artistic work.

Some guidelines on the use of the site that probably you already have discovered:

1 ) Click on the photo that moves in the ” home page”, it will take you directly to the gun’ page.

2 ) Move the cursor over the picture without clicking , It opens a dynamic zoom.

3 ) Click on the photo to open it in high resolution + dynamic zoom.

4 ) Click on the photos preview and wait for it to appear in the box ,then as in points 2 and 3.

5 ) Click on ” History of this manufacturer “, it opens a page with the story and the link to the manufacturer’ site.

6) Click on the drop down option menus to select other pages of your interest.


Enjoy the show, I will have the pleasure to hear you on Skype or read you by email .(Contacts page).