BRAND: Joseph Defourny Herstal (BE)
SERIAL N°: 7296 – Mod.: 33-Self Opening
BORE: 12 (0,728 – 0,724)
BARRELS length and weight: 29,53 in – 3,18 lb
1st BARREL CHOKE: full
2nd BARREL CHOKE: full
CHAMBER: 2,756 in
STOCK LENGTH: 14,57 in (right hand)
WEIGHT: 7,275 lb
MANUFACTURE YEAR: 1922 (thanks to Marc & Wolfgang)
NOTES: through-lump barrels, double trigger, ejectors, action flat 2,047 in,Purdey triple closure, assisted opening with Defourny patented mechanics.

The main feature of this side by side is its assisted opening system, obtained with a particular mechanism patented by Antoine Joseph Defourny.
There is a leaf spring into the sides of the action, it is the main one and works for the opening of the barrels too.

Belgian taste rose and scroll engraved, it still preserves most of the original hardening and burnishing colours. Grade 4 oil finished walnut stock.


Fig. 1- With the rotation of the top lever the mainspring 1, pushing 2 and 3, opens the gun. With the barrels’ rotation the lever 4, which protrudes from the knuckles, cocks the tumbler and controls the ejector.

Fig. 2- Closing the barrels, 3 and 2 wind the mainspring 1 and the gun is ready to shoot.

2 responses

  1. Avatar photo steni says:

    Hy Adnan, you’re welcome. Once the shotgun is loaded, if for any reason you need to reopen it, just press the button and a spring on the locks facilitates opening without levering the barrels. See you soon

  2. Adnan says:

    Is this a self opener shotgun means when its fired and u push the lever the barells opens and eject cartidges

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