PERAZZI (BS) Italy – MX8

BRAND: Armi Perazzi S.p.a. – Botticino Mattina (BS) Italy
SERIAL: 110290  Mod.: MX8
BORE: 12 (0,724-0,724) & (0,724-0,724)
BARRELS length & weight: 29,5 & 28,3 in-3,523 & 3,252 lb
CHAMBERS: 2,756 in (both)
STOCK LENGTH: adjustable (right hand)
WEIGHT: 8,675 & 8,404 lb
NOTES: Two sets of monobloc barrels: the first for the olympic trench and the second made by the famous italian barrel-maker Renato Luterotti for the helice shooting, ventilated flat top rib, Boss type lumps, hand detachable locks on the trigger’s plate, ejectors, single trigger.
Fully adjustable TSK stock, engraving signed by Mario Terzi.

A project that was born of the collaboration between Daniele Perazzi and Ennio Mattarelli, it’s probably the most known gun in the ranges, for over 50 years it is still among the most highly regarded and used worldwide. 

It is not necessary to talk about its characteristics and qualities, the engraving is the peculiarity of this specimen. A magnificent example of the ability and personality of Mario Terzi: he has been able to grant the wish of the owner, who wanted the gun used by all the shooters, but different from any other one, he has shaped a fully customized engraving.

Perazzi MX8 inc. Mario Terzi
Perazzi MX8 inc. Mario Terzi

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