MILLER & Val. Greiss Munchen cal. 12 + 7x57R

BRAND: Miller & Val. Greiss Munchen
SERIAL N°: 26789  Mod. Billing
CALIBER: 12 – 7x57R 
BARRELS length and weight: 25,98 in – 3,56 lb
1st BARREL CHOKE: Rifled
2nd BARREL CHOKE: improved modified
CHAMBER: 0,264 in
STOCK LENGTH: 14,17 in (right hand)
WEIGHT: 7,05 lb
MANUFACTURE YEAR: 1900 approx.
NOTES:Over and under hammer gun, chopper lumps barrels, double trigger.

Unusual execution of an over and under hammer gun, upper barrel is 12 bore and the lower rifled in 7x57R. First adjustable trigger for the rifled barrel, trigger’s guard made of horn and steel with valuable workmanship, elegant rose and scroll engraving, exquisite finishing inside and outside, straight hand stock with cheekpiece and magazine that opens from the steel engraved buttplate.