MATTARELLI Ennio (BO) cal. 30-06

BRAND: Ennio Mattarelli Bologna Italy
SERIAL N°: 0064  –Model Punto 30-06
CALIBER: 30-06
BARREL LENGTH: 23,62 in.
SCOPE: K Kahles Wien Helia super 4x
BOLT: 9 lumps closure
MAGAZINE: 3+1 shots
STOCK LENGTH: 14,96 in (right hand)
WEIGHT: 9,37 lb
NOTES: Extremely stable and accurate, internally adjustable trigger,
removable scope with 90 degrees rotating mounts.

Patent by Ennio MATTARELLI (TRAP shooting Olympic god medal Tokyo 1964), he invented and designed this rifle, only few specimen were built by him than he transferred the patents. One of the biggest European gunmakers is stil succesfully producing it. This one belonged to Rodolfo Tanzi, safari hunting friend and workshop manager of Ennio Mattarelli.