BRAND: Manufrance Saint Etienne, France
SERIAL N°: 29572 – Mod.:  IDEAL, As de Pique
BORE: 12  (0,732 – 0,732)
BARRELS lenght and weight: 25,59 in – 2,403 lb
1st BARREL CHOKE: improved cylinder
2nd BARREL CHOKE: skeet
CHAMBER: 2,756 in
STOCK LENGTH: 14,17 in (right hand)
WEIGHT: 5,170 lb !!!
NOTES: grade 4 English stock glossy finished with chequered butt, very long, elegant and diamond shaped chequering. Demibloc barrels, extractors, double trigger, Hercules steel 5 palms triple test.-

I would like to be able to properly describe this wonder that was gentlemanlike given to me by Leonrado N. from Casamassima (Bari-Italy).

You can also find this gun in the “Under the skin” section.

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  1. Canvasback says:

    This Manufrance Ideal is known as an “Ace of Spades” and of the highest grade produced by Manufrance. Certainly much higher than Grade 4. This information I have regarding serial numbers would put the year of production closer to 1904. However, in 1904 most Ideals were still using the unique “lunette” style trigger guard, with the main switch over to a more standard open style guard happening in 1907. So this one appears a bit of an enigma.

    It also does not have ejectors….it is an extractor gun. You can tell because there are no ejector rods in the forend, no ejector spring in the forend and the toggle lever on the underside of the forend is unique to extractor models. Again what is interesting is that this very high grade model was made with extractors. Every other Ace of Spades I have seen was an ejector gun.

    1. steni says:

      Hi and thanks for visiting.
      We have published a page with the production dates of the IDEALs.
      All shotguns can always be ordered with or without Ejectors.
      This, in particular, because dedicated to a Lady, it had no ejectors and retractable straps to reduce the weight.

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